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Saving Face: How to Abolish Acne

Hello my amazing pineapples! If you're reading this, you probably have acne. And before I write this I gotta give you a spill: You're beautiful with and without your imperfections blah blah you've heard this a billion times. But it's true. Beautiful or not, however, acne is annoying as heck. It hurts, and it's red an can ruin a night out. There are natural and chemical remedies to acne, as well as spot treatments.

1) General Acne 
Pimples anywhere are no fun. Luckly, washing the spot and then using a salylic acid treatment can work wonders. My personal favorite zit zapper is called zapzyt and works overnight to smooth the surface and reduce redness. My friend had acne for prom and we put zapzyt on it and it cleared it up enough so she could wear her backless dress.

2) Chronic Acne 
If you have acne that won't go away no matter what you put on it, it's probably a diet problem. Blemishes are our body's way of telling us something is wrong, so try drinking an average of 5-8 glasses of water daily and cutting oily and fast foods out of your diet.

3) Face Acne 
Depending on where the acne is, it could be hormonal or have something to do with your skin type. Make sure you stick with a routine, including washing your face two times daliy and taking off all makeup. Try to cater your routine to your skin type. And, again, drink more water. Water actually fills up your pores and makes it harder for dirt to get in, making it less likely for acne to appear

4) Back Acne 
Wow. Backne. We all hate it. If you can, put your hair up for a few days. Our hair tends to rub the oils and dirt into the pores in our backs. Backs also tend to sweat a lot, and produce more oil then the rest of our bodies. To prevent back acne, get some oil reducing rice paper wipes. They pick up the oils and leave your skin looking amazing.

4) Boob Acne 
With summer so close, this is a real threat. Acne in cleavage can ruin that perfect day at the beach. To reduce boob acne, you can use a salylic acid treatment, exfoliate with a DIY sugar scrub, and use oil removing rice paper wipes if you get oily.

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