How to make life more meaningful

How to make life more meaningful

Well, hello world I guess. Have you ever wondered about the purpose of your life? Or if your life actually has meaning? Obviously, no one can answer these questions for you and sadly there is no guide to finding a life purpose, but I believe in certain actions to make life more meaningful. 
First of all, I think that everyone’s existence is no coincidence. The chance that out of all atoms you were created is beyond small. And think about it from another perspective, why would anyone let humans live, when there is no reason for their existence? Life is too short to wonder if it has a higher meaning, instead just accept the fact that your life is important and use your time wisely. Ok I guess that’s enough for now. 
1. Find your passion:

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Just imagine waking up everyday doing whatever you love and at the same time slaying it. You could actually even try to make it your job and get then get paid for whatever it is. You will find happiness and isn’t that a way to make your life more meaningful? So, first you have to find your passion. What could you do every day without losing interest in it? Ask yourself in what you believe and what you think is worth to fight for to make the world a better place.

2. Step out of your comfort zone:


Now, if you have found your passion, try to constantly step out of your comfort zone. Through new daily challenges life will never get boring. Never be entirely satisfied with whatever you do, but find a way to improve it and daily grow in every single aspect of life.

3. Be grateful

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Appreciate every single detail of your life. We tend to moan about so many things in life, but honestly, why can’t we start being grateful for everything we own. Just think of the electronic device you reading this right now. Not everyone has the opportunity to use the internet. Actually, there are so many smaller things you can be grateful for. Try to always be aware of those. Maybe this could also help to find your life purpose

4. Help others:

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You don’t have to travel all the way to Africa to help others. Why not just grab some sweets from home and give them to homeless people? Honestly their appreciation might make your day. With one of your smaller action, you can change another person’s life.

5. Try to be an inspiration to others every single day in life

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My last point is to try inspire others as often as possible. This could be through sharing your believes or getting into more meaningful conversations with friends and family. Your opinion might change another person’s mind. Without you the other person would have probably never changed their state of mind. Basically, that made your life even more meaningful.

Lastly never believe anyone, who claims your life is worthless and without any meaning or purpose. ~ anixxa


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