How to Do Natural Lip Makeup

Makeup is an essential part of a women’s life. There are hardly less than 10% women that don’t like to wear makeup and other 90% were loved to do so. It doesn’t mean that if you apply a lot of makeup on your face just because you are ugly or not look pretty without it. It can be apply by many women just to enhance the beauty of their features. So, if you want to look more pretty and beautiful then learn basic techniques of applying it. All features of face have their own importance and beauty but today we discuss about lips makeup. We share some makeup tips that how to do natural lip makeup. It is true that makeup is incomplete without applying lipstick. To give natural look to your lips with makeup then follow the below mention steps.

Select a lip stain application style:

It is very common situation that when we apply lipstick it is hardly stay for 1 hour and then disappear. So it is better to use lip stain application as compare to lipstick. Lip stain will also give your lips a natural look. Lip stain is available in the market it will come in bottle with an applicator. So, you can use your fingers to apply it.

Select your lip color:

Now, the time to select your lip color. You have to do natural lip makeup so choose some light shades like pink.

Exfoliate lips:

Exfoliate lips

Now, take a brush and rub it on your lips to get rid of dry and rough skin. This step is important to give your lips a natural look. When you rub your lips with tooth brush it will clean up all dead skin from your lips.

Apply lip balm:

Apply lip balm

Take a lip balm and apply it on your lips to make it moisturize and also to make it shine.

Apply lip liner:

Apply lip liner

Take a lip pencil and neatly apply it on your lips. This is not a difficult step but you have to do it with full concentration to apply lip liner perfectly.

Apply lip stain:

After applying lip liner take a lip stain and apply it on your lips with fingers. First of all, apply lip stain on your upper lips with fingers and then on lower lip. This will give natural look to your lips.

Blend lip stain properly:

Make sure to blend lip stain properly on your lips. You can use your fingers to blend it or a brush. It is better to blend it with your fingers.

Add some more lip stain:

If you want to create more dept in your lips then you can add more lip stain into it. It is totally up to you.

Wait for a while:

After applying lip stain wait for few seconds to make it set and dry properly. When it dry, if you feel your lips become dry then apply lip balm to make it shine.

Shiny finish:

Now the last step is to end up with shining pink glossy to give your lips a finishing and natural touch.


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